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Creative is a process of transforming untested ideas incrementally into groundbreaking solutions of human kind.

Innovative design

Maintaining intimate relationship between eyes and a piece of artwork is one of our front-liners to transcend brands beyond market's culture. We value the design principle, we ideate, and we embrace it along our sophisticated client to bring Its full potential, satisfy audience needs, and surpass business goals.

- Branding & identity design
- UX analysis
- User interface design
- Responsive design
- Information architecture design
- Prototyping
- Interaction design
- Wireframing


Leveraging science to improve performance is the very definition of engineering itself. Using every bits of available information in order to operate at speed and scale with the lowest cost as possible, without compromise. A simpler, smarter, frictionless solution is of course, an expected result.

- E-commerce
- Web development
- Server and hosting
- Content Management System
- Database structure development

Integrated marketing

Embracing digital world in 21st century is a must for every enterprise to survive and thrive. With speed, perspective, and creativity of a start-up, we help our clients to unlock new revenue streams and increase their relevance for upcoming millennial generations of customers.

- Search engine optimisation
- Search engine marketing
- Web analytics
- Campaign analytics
- Goal setting & benchmarking
- CPI tracking
- Market places campaign

Social & content

We’re all more connected than ever with digital world that loom right behind our hand. Benefiting from that fact, we help clients to navigate multiple platforms and channels by delivering a sustained, integrated, managed, measurable ecosystem that is guided by the commercial requirements and new opportunities.

- Social media campign
- Social content strategy
- Copywriting's personalization
- Content calendar
- Social analytics
- Licensed image
- Video & audio production
- Social presence audit

Business strategy

Like David versus Goliath, nothing is impossible with careful planning and resource optimization. Extensive research, various insights, and multiple perspective makes seemingly cumbersome tasks, into an achievable goals that will give definitive approaches in our clients' industry.

- Brand & identity planning
- Communications planning
- User research
- Focus groups & surveys
- Persona research & development
- Product strategy
- Strategic consulting
- Customer journey development

"When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor." - Elon Musk

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