Savare Rivera

A journey of young muslimah brand


Getting into a red ocean of retail clothing business In Indonesia LAte 2014 is not an easy task for a newly born brand like Savare Rivera.

Founded a little over a year ago by a couple foreign students in germany, believing that an exceptional muslimah brand with high quality yet affordable cost s needed in both Indonesian and european market.

First impression of Savare Rivera is an uber cheap hijab with on par quality compared to existing market. Crave for growth makes founders initiate a rebirth of the brand.


Exceptional first impression for a starter in a sea of clothing markets for a bright spark in the future.

Creating new elegant, recognizable logo for new branding of Savare Rivera

Gaining mass recognition by differentiate the branding itself among tons of competitors with handpicked models and carefully directed photoshoots for social media marketing.

Easy accessible online shop that beautifully designed from scratch for the customers, also easy and manageable for owners.


Accompany SAvare Rivera through rebirth process, set off the brand with greater presence alongside

Host personalized E-commerce website connected to brand's social media, which is followed by over 6000 fans

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