Offering helps to organize bespoke events, providing a wide range of party tools to be rented.


Founded in 1986, Cakra Tenda has been serving the various people needs from weeding to party for 2 decades.

Being one of the first tent rental on the region created a lot of trust for the business. The original idea that have been planted by "founders' name" bring tons of customers to the business, partically leading the market for more than a decade.

Founders passed away, and the business it self have been handed upon their children. Having not much development and lots of competitors are growing and taking lots of market demands. This makes Cakra Tenda just like an ordinary weeding organizer and tent rental and is hurting the business cashflow month by month.


bring Cakra Tenda in front of people just like the first spirit that gave birth to this business; It's accessible, elegant, and the best price people can find in town.

Cakra Tenda never had a website before. Bringing it to be accessible on every people devices will be huge plus on Its online presence. Making the site to be in the first page of search engine is a must.

Develop a web that people will trust on the first sight by carefully design theme site from scratch.

Create offers for its majority customers want, simple and affordable products.


After 3 months of being taken cared of, Cakra Tenda doubled Its monthly income.

Host personalized design website for the Cakra Tenda's market that shows up as the first result of google search with common keywords (google "sewa tenda lampung").

Also gaining a lot of net worth from various wedding packages that have been created specifically for their market segmentation.

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